We believe in re-defining the world through Cannabis by cultivating and manufacturing to the highest commercial and pharmaceutical standards.

ECS Botanics is a vertically integrated and diversified cannabis company operating across various sub-sectors; Hemp Food and Wellness & Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation, GMP Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Supply.


ECS Botanics (ECS.asx) is a fully licensed Australian medicinal cannabis producer, with medicinal cannabis facilities located in Victoria and Tasmania.

Our licenses include research, cultivation and manufacturing. By cultivating and manufacturing to the highest pharmaceutical quality standards that exist for medicinal cannabis, and by focusing on the lowest possible cost, ECS is a leading provider of high quality affordable medicinal cannabis.

Our operations are licensed by the Australian Office of Drug Control and compliant with the strict Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961 is an international treaty to prohibit production and supply of specific (nominally narcotic) drugs and of drugs with similar effects except under licence for specific purposes, such as medical treatment and research. We also comply with the strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations issued by regulators such as the Australian Therapeutic Goods (TGA) and the European authorities.

Medicinal Cannabis

Geographically diversified cultivation facilities across Victoria for THC dried flower and Tasmania for CBD. ECS has a EU GMP compliant manufacturing facility to produce a range of medicinal cannabis products and pharmaceutical API’s for customers in Australasia and Europe.


The ECS Botanics Food & Wellness range aims to provide consumers with all the benefits of hemp. ECS undergoes large scale cultivation of hemp in Tasmania and is a major wholesale supplier, as well manufacturing for its own retail food and wellness brand which is available online and in major supermarkets. We partner with farmers and provide high quality products, striving to meet our 3 P’s (healthy products, healthy people, healthy planet).


A “farm to pharma” business model.

ECS has roots in agriculture and originated from Tasmania which at its peak supplied 80% of the world opiate narcotic raw material. ECS applies a practical approach to cultivation and manufacturing which positions the business as a large scale low cost producer of high quality wholesale and final dose medicinal cannabis products.


The birthplace of ECS, encompasses the ECS farm and its medicinal cannabis facility. Tasmania has the ideal climate for large-scale cultivation of hemp and non-psychoactive cannabinoids, with plants expressing a depth and consistency of secondary metabolites. Tasmania is known for its clean and green image, a non-gmo state that has an abundance of water supply and a supportive network of farmers.


Situated on the banks of the Murray River near Swan Hill. The farm has a hot and dry climate, perfect for producing tonnes of high-quality THC dried flower at a low cost. The site has an abundant water supply and 170 acres for future expansion.


We utilise progressive and innovative cultivation methodologies to reduce the cultivation costs of medicinal cannabis by adopting regenerative and organic agricultural practices. We do this in an environmentally sustainable way, striving for zero waste and zero net carbon emissions. By following regenerative agriculture practices and reducing expensive chemical inputs, we rebuild nature’s natural solar, mineral and water cycles and returning nutrient integrity back into the medicinal cannabis.




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